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Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy.

What type of information used

When you make a request or reservation, you must give name and email address.
We might asic address telephone number, name of quests travelling with you and your preferences reading your stay.

When visiting our web site, even without booking we can gather information like ip address or browser that is being used or data regarding operating sistem of computer, the version of aplication, language settings and pages visited.
If using a mobile, we can also gather data from your device or from the setting of latitude and longitude.

We can also gather your information when using services of social media.
Why we hold this personal data?

  • Booking: we use your personal data to coplete your online reservation
  • Client assistance: from our office, we provide assistance  every day. We share you data with our special assistance to garantee a fast response in case of need, to hepl you find the best solutio for you needs and to every question you have.
  • Clients comments: we use your informatin to invite you to leave a comment after your say. This way, you can halp other people pick the best place for ther stay.
  • Merketing activities: we use your information for marketing, limited by law. For example when bookig with us, we can use your info to sent you notices and connections regarding the world of traveling. With your consense if requested based on local laws, we can sand you newsletters by e-mail.
  • Other types of comunications: in some occasion we can contact you by email, mail,telephone,or sms, depending on which type of contact info given to us. This can happen for different reason, in case we to respond to a request. We canalso seny other material related to your reservation, for example (how to contact us if you need us while travelling, and info that we think can be useful for organizing your trip or to enjoy best your stay.
    Detecting and preventing fraud:
    Improving our services.

In what way we use social media?

We use social media to advertize and improve our services for example on our site we have put plug-in, which you can click on and acces to your account. in this case, the information will be divided with the service server and in some cases shown on your profile. These data are needed to create a personal navigating experience. This way it will be easier to personalize our site on your special needs. Sharing with friends places of your trips and improve our services in travelling..

  • In some cases we can share personal data with others third party service finders (for example data workers) to manage your personal data only for us.
  • Authority – We can share your personal data with police or other government authority if requested by law.